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Structural check



Structural check

Never buy a house without a structural check. Most of the historical building in Amsterdam are standing on wooden poles. There are a lot of buildings with very serious structural problems. Hire the best and call Fred Tokkie 020 – 7736842.

Choose a safe buy otherwise you can loose an enormous amout of money, because if you didn,t do a structural check before the buy it simply means that you lost all your legal right to complain.

There are a lot of buildings with very serious structural problems.

What do we check for you ?
What to check?
The property
the structure of the building, for example the foundations, because there are a lot of problems with the foundation of old houses in Amsterdam. Fred Tokkie is one of the best foundation inspectors of Amsterdam. We hire him for the survey
whether there is any part of a building that overhangs an adjoining property;
the condition of the fences;the gutters, eaves, roof, exposed pipes;
is there cracking? Any signs of rain damage or leaks?
Any council notices about local flooding?
do all the electricity switches work and the state of the wiring?
water pressure and plumbing?
the drainage from the bath and other outlets?
any signs of rising damp?state of the roof, tiles, and guttering?

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