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Invest in real estate

Invest in real estate

Invest in real estate in Amsterdam is a very safe way to park your money. As an expat you have huge tax benefits. But what make it even more interesting that if you sell a house in the Netherlands you don,t have to pay any tax on the profit you make.

Real estate agent Amsterdam does the structural check and home inspection.

Property investments rarely guarantee short-term gains, particularly given the current market climate. If you’re buying to rent in order to generate a profit within a year, think again. If you’re looking to gain financial advantage over a longer period, buying a property to rent in the Amsterdam or wider Dutch market may be a sound decision.

A perfect house or property

Invest in real estate is especialy in Amsterdam financialy very attractive. Having your own property which you can use on your visit to Amsterdam, or just rent it out. We can mediate when want to your house or appartment renting it out.

We work for investors already for a long time. There are many smart ways to make a good profit on buying and selling property in Amsterdam.
A perfect house or property has a higher price but gives peace of mind, but buying property that is in a bad technical brings a good prices and the possibility to develop it. This brings usally a higher profit but a lot of organising and trouble.

Whatever you want we can find the property that suits your demands.
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